ENTRY 10: updated essay outline

After much consideration and research, I have decided to switch my focus to writing about misleading headlines in women’s magazines.

During the last consultation I had with Daniel, he suggested for me to look through magazine interviews to find materialistic contents that does not contribute to women empowerment. However, after flipping through several magazine interviews, I realized that all the interviewers have asked relevant and respectable questions. It would be too difficult to dig out enough materialistic content to support my statement.

So I continued my research and realized that the magazine headlines found in fashion/beauty/lifestyle magazine for teens are rather misleading and submissive. (eg: “Top 5 fashion trends guys HATE on girls” / “the top scents he’ll love on you!” / “what does your man think about your style?”)

Then I remembered reading these magazines (Cleo/seventeen/teenbop/tigerbeat) as a young, curious teen seeking for beauty, fashion and lifestyle tips. It wasn’t until I was 16 years old that I realized these magazines had me taking their advice for the sake of the opposite gender and NOT for myself.
As a strong believer of feminism today, I would hate to see other young girls running to newsstands to pick up the latest teen mag just because its cover claims to teach them how to impress that new boy in class.

Through it all, I have decided to focus on this issue and create an essay outline around it.

Thesis statement: Misleading headlines in women’s fashion magazines are NOT contributing to feminism in Malaysia

P1 – Types of magazines: Fashion / lifestyle / beauty magazines for young women

P2 – Issues regarding misleading headlines: encouraging submissive behavior in young women.

Some examples can be seen in these local websites:



P3 – Comparison of headlines in women’s magazines and men’s magazines. / Gender inequality

P4 – Why is ‘feminist’ still seen as a dirty word / Why do we need feminism in local media

Conclusion – How headlines leave a lasting impression and how important it is to provide a relevant headline and content in magazines in order to support and contribute to feminism

The essay outline above will be further refined as I gather more contents.

– CLEO Malaysia. ‘5 Ways To Be Irresistible To Guys’. (2015). Available at: http://cleo.com.my/ways-to-be-irresistible-to-guys/. [Last accessed: 30th July 2015]

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