Entry 9: Thesis Statement

The main focus of this essay will be on magazine advertisements in Malaysia, and the kind of roles women play in these advertisement. The outline for this essay may change slightly in the next few weeks depending on the continuous research that I will be doing for the topic. Below is a thesis statement I have produced based on women’s roles in local fashion-based magazines:

> Introduction to local fashion-based magazines

> Analysis of women’s portrayal in magazine advertisements

> Gender stereotypes / sexism

> How feminism has changed and shaped advertisements

> The misconception of feminism that are still happening today

> Conclusion: Positive feminist movements, campaigns bringing a different perspective in magazine advertisements



  1. Please read up on composing argumentative essay and forming thesis statement.

    These are thesis statements:
    The rigid and racist standards of Malaysian female fashion magazines.
    The mild and Asian form of feminism of …
    The misrepresentation of Malaysian women in female fashion magazines.
    Female fashion magazines contribute towards third wave feminism.

    When you have a thesis statement, your essay body then comes together to argue or support the statement.

    Racism in Malaysian female fashion magazine

    Fashion Magazine industry plagued by various controversies oversea: skinny, underage, sexy…
    This essay will focus on Malaysia … and demonstrate how racist the magazines are…racist

    P1 Racism in racial division of titles
    P2 Racism in in lack of racial diversity
    P3 Racism in fair skin models
    P4 Possible reasons
    P5 Real situation

    Fashion magazines in Malaysia maintain the racial division ….

    Do you see how the thesis and the body is organized in a cohesive and logical manner?

    Remember to use citations (IN-TEXT, reference list, quotations) from high quality sources (books, magazines)



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