Entry 3: Chosen topic + observation on extreme photoshop

Chosen topic: Question 3

I’ve decided to choose question 3 because of my strong belief in providing a better influence for young women everywhere. And before anyone roles their eyes, thinking this is just another statement they’ve heard a million times, I would like to make a point that there is a ridiculous amount of misunderstandings in this world when it comes to women empowerment. I will be going deeper into the world of feminism later on. But for now, I would like to analyse the unrealistic standard of beauty in magazines. Women in magazines are always required to look fit. Skinny waist, large chest, long legs are just some of the ridiculous standards that we (real women) are pressured to meet. One of the biggest softwares which contributes to this is Photoshop. I recently came across a website which shows the “before” and “after” of photoshopped women in the media, and the results seem hardly believable. You can see it at: http://www.beautyredefined.net/photoshopping-altering-images-and-our-minds/

Below are some screenshots from the website:

1 1

These are just some of the ridiculous manipulation magazines are doing and this is what we see as “beautiful”. But these pictures are fake, they are no where near natural beauty and yet, this is what young girls look up to. Photoshop has taken these unreal ideals to a scary new level. (F. Henry, 2014) The more magazines do this, the higher the standard goes. It’s terrible how people are looking at something that has been so manipulated in the most unrealistic way and yet take at it as something beautiful/idealistic.


1. BR. (2014). Photoshopping: Altering Images and Our Minds. Available: http://www.beautyredefined.net/photoshopping-altering-images-and-our-minds/. [Last accessed 3rd June 2015.]

2. Zoe. (2013). PHOTOSHOP: CREATING UNREALISTIC STANDARDS FOR THE UNATTAINABLE BEAUTY. Available: https://zoeereed.wordpress.com/2013/01/27/photoshop-creating-unrealistic-standards-for-the-unattainable-beauty/. [Last accessed 3rd June 2015.]


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