Entry 2: Comparison between two chosen topics

After doing some research, I’ve narrowed my choices down to question 3 and 6.

For question 3, I would like to focus on how the idealized women in magazines have contributed to body image concerns in society, and the huge impact it has on young women, especially women battling with eating disorders. Even those who are not struggling with mental health issues will somehow compare themselves to what they see in the magazines. I definitely want to discuss about how can we manage this issue and gain empowerment as women without drowning under the unrealistic expectations of high fashion magazines.

Question 6 is about the popular usage of digital cameras, Photoshop, or Instagram, and its impact on professionals in the creative industry. This is a rising topic nowadays as Instagram is widely used and becoming a creative platform for up and coming photographers to display their work. However, this brings some controversy about Instagram ruining the art of photography and that photographers are losing appreciation due to Instagram.

Further research will be done on these two topics. However, in my personal opinion, question 3 has a higher appeal to me because as a women in today’s society, I feel like these fashion magazines are causing girls everywhere to chase an unrealistic visualization of beauty. It’s something we see everyday and it’s a real problem that needs to be solved.


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